Excellent Selling Points of Oppo A54

Oppo A54 is a high performance smart phone from Samsung that is perfect for travelers, executives and students who love to go places on time. The stylish looks of Oppo A54 have won hearts of many due to the innovative features it offers. Let us find out what makes Oppo A54 so unique and why it is the preferred choice for many.

Dual SIM and GSM connectivity. Unlike other mobiles, the A variety has both a micro and a mini SIM tray that allow you to add another contact as well as a data card at a time without disturbing the existing one. This gives you freedom to take handsets with you wherever you go. On the other hand, the microSD slot lets you add additional data such as songs or videos. Whether you are driving on the highway or walking in a park, you can enjoy hands free mobile connectivity with the A variety.

Long battery life. The A variety has an advanced lithium-ion battery that promises more than seven hundred hours of playback time. That is more than twice the battery life of the average modern phone. You can conveniently enjoy endless talktime while your partner is away or you are on the way to work.

Amazing sound quality. Oppo A regrets its big size; it lacks the sharpness of its competitors. The two front speakers have been specially modified to deliver clear sound quality. Besides, the built in sound amplifiers give you the best sound clarity from your Oppo A variety.

Big memory. The A variety has a large  oppo a54  memory card which supports expandable storage. The built in memory of the A has been improved compared to Oppo Aodies predecessors. It offers two gigabytes of memory for the sake of memory efficiency.

Dual camera. The rear cameras of this smartphone have been equipped with laser and auto focus technologies. It comes with a single six megapixel camera and an eight megapixel one for the purpose of imaging in the mirror. The high definition camera lets you take beautiful pictures without any loss of details. The dual camera function enables you to capture multiple shots in an automatic mode.

Expandable memory. Like other Oppo A types, the Oppo A appears compact and comes with an expandable memory. It has a total memory of around two gigabytes and can be expanded further if required. The A variety comes with a microSD slot which serves the purpose of removable cards. Many top mobile phone brands like Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry have microSD slots present in their handsets but you cannot add extra memory to your handset in this manner.

Dual tone music player. This smartphone comes with a music player with tone control which allows you to play different types of tones according to your mood or requirement. You can change the tone while listening to the music so that you can wake up in the morning in the right mood. The sensor of this handset is also very good. It can detect even the softest of noises and you will not have any disturbances when you are working.

Camera setup. This smartphone comes with a robust camera setup. There is a primary and a secondary camera present which enables you to take excellent shots. The images are stored on the internal memory as well as the SD card. This makes it easy to transfer the images to your personal computer or to your phone of choice after you are done with them.